Challenges and Symptoms Addressed

  • Management behaviors that are unfocused –> Productive and predictable management
  • Process dribble –> Process flow without unnecessary complexity
  • Delivery delays –> Delivery promises that are met with updates on any schedule changes
  • Mistaken, missing project management skills –> Building and strengthening awareness and skills to lead both processes and project
  • Weak accountability for results –> Easy accountability that strengthens relationships as results are delivered
  • Lack of engagement, communication, and cooperation –> Improved work relationships and increased self-esteem


Our parent company, LearnWell, has served over 38 industries, including:

  • Biotech and medical device firms
  • Digital services – from online publishing to network monitoring
  • Energy – clean energy, natural gas, hydroelectric, solar, nuclear, and petroleum
  • Environment – assessment and analysis
  • Manufacturing – chemical, material, durable goods, fluids processing plants
  • Publishing – online, print, and hybrid publishing
  • Security – video device, network monitoring, large-scale agency deployment
  • Telecommunications – store manager training, new device rollout
  • Transportation – trucks, trains, planes, and unmanned drone delivery
  • Utilities – power grid, bridge infrastructure, safety monitoring

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The Advanced Skills Training platform integrates with the leading HRIS systems, including:

  • BambooHR
  • Leapsome
  • SuccessFactors
  • PeopleGuru
  • IntelliHR

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